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Homeowners Insurance Lakewood Wa – Why Insurance Can be Confusing 

As we said in our previous entry, Washington Homeowners Insurance can be a bit confusing at times; is flooding covered by a homeowner’s policy? 

If my young child breaks my chandelier, would I be reimbursed? What happens if a burglar steals all my jewelry while I’m not home? 

For many people, the answers to these questions are not always obvious. 

That is why, in our last article, we stated that future articles would present a fictional Wa Home Insurance scenario to help our readers better understand how homeowners insurance policies function. 

In this post we will begin a hypothetical scenario based on a real-world situation. 

Lakewood Wa Home Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 1 

Malik and Sue own a home in Kalamazoo, MI. They’ve lived there happily with their two kids for years, but Malik has recently been offered a lucrative new position at a blossoming tech company located in Washington State.

After talking it over, the couple decide that the move is for the best. They know that selling their home in Kalamazoo is going to be a bit difficult, but they think they can handle it. 

The tech company paid Malik a sizeable transfer bonus to help him make the move out to their location, so he and his wife decide to bite the bullet and purchase a condo in Lakewood for cash. 

As the two suspected, selling their Michigan home is taking a long time. The day comes when they must move to their new home in Washington, even though their old home is still on the market. 

They arrange to have nearly all of their possessions moved to their condo in Washington. 

Because there wasn’t a loan on their new condo there wasn’t a requirement to buy insurance to cover their unit and possessions, so they simply forgot to buy a condo policy. They assume that the homeowner’s insurance policy on their Michigan home will cover them because it includes personal property coverage. 

Is their assumption correct? We will continue their story in a future post. 

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