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Homeowners Insurance Lakewood Wa – Recap

In our last article we were introduced to Malik and Sue, a Michigan couple who have just decided to move to the state of Washington for Malik’s career.

Malik is given a large transfer bonus to move across the country, so the couple decides to pay cash for a condominium in Lakewood.

They have trouble selling the house, so they decide to make the move even though their former home hasn’t yet sold.

They move most of their possessions to their new condo. Because they paid cash for it, the subject of condo insurance hasn’t come up yet.

Besides, they assume that since they still own their Michigan home their possessions are still covered by that home’s homeowners insurance policy.

The question we posed last week is: Is their assumption correct?

Let’s begin to answer this question.

Lakewood Wa Home Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 2

The couple settles into their new life in Lakewood. Once they finish unpacking and arranging all of their belongings, the condo starts to feel a little more like home.

Malik begins his new job right away. Other than the fact that their old house back in Michigan is still on the market,  the first month of life in their new home seems to be going very well.

Then, just a couple days later, while Malik was away at work and Sue was running some errands, an electrical fire ignites their condo and the entire structure burns to the ground.

The couple is horrified to find that practically everything they owned has been lost in the blaze.

Next time, we will find out whether their losses are covered.

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