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This Is Why Understanding Your Home Insurance in Tacoma Washington Is Vital!

John and Celeste own a home and have it insured with one of the companies that advertise so prominently on television.   For their five year anniversary John purchases Celeste an anniversary band worth $5,000 not giving a second thought to learn whether or not this anniversary band would be covered by his Tacoma home insurance policy.

Additionally John and Celeste live in a very safe area with the added reassurance that their sophisticated burglar alarm with video detection would keep the bad guys at bay.

Impossibly, they were burgled and the home was vandalized by the bad guys in their efforts to disable the alarm and video monitoring system.

After filing their claim for the burglary and vandalism including the loss of the $5,000 anniversary band for Celeste, they were shocked to learn that the company would only pay John $1,500 because this was the insurance company internal limit for theft of jewelry!


John called his agent Barry who explained that jewelry is not covered for more than $1500 unless you schedule it on the policy.

John asked Barry, “Why didn’t you tell us about this limitation?”

“John you really need to read your policy buddy, you got one in the mail when I sold this to you three years ago I believe.” John starts to reply when Barry quickly interrupts him.

“Hey sorry about your loss John, I got to run I have a hot hi prospect on line 2 that needs to buy some home insurance.”

Barry doesn’t say goodbye he simply hangs the phone up on John in a hurry to sell his next Tacoma home insurance policy.

Taking Time to Understand Your Tacoma Homeowners Insurance Policy Can Help You Avoid Claim Limitations or Denials of Coverage.

The insurance ads you see on television and hear on radio, and the ads you see in magazines and newspapers and online talk about saving money.

You’re led to believe that’s what they can do for you.

What you may not know is that saving money can cost you money if you are not properly insured!

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