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Gresham Oregon Landlord Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 15

When last we saw him, Buck had driven as close to the warehouse as he could before being forced to park his car and find another way to reach the doors, on account of the flooded river waters separating him from his destination.

He found a small row boat and began to paddle toward the doors of the building.

What will he discover inside? Let’s find out.

After a few more minutes of rowing, Buck reaches the entrance to the warehouse. As he had feared, the water is at least three feet deep at the point where it meets the building.

Hoping against hope that it hadn’t managed to seep inside just yet, he immediately begins paddling around to the side of the structure, with the aim of finding a window or elevated doorway that he can use to enter the building without allowing the water to rush in.

His search pays off. There are several windows on the side of the warehouse, and a couple of them appear to be slightly ajar.

Normally, these windows would be much too high to reach by jumping, but, Buck figures that he can stand in the row boat and take advantage of the added elevation the flood waters are providing to reach the open window.

With some effort, he successfully grabs the window ledge and pulls himself uncomfortably up and into the window.

In our next entry, Buck will learn what is waiting for him inside the warehouse.

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